The Will to Change with Jennifer Brown

True stories of diversity and inclusion

Disruptor Series

Listen in to this compelling and inspirational Disruptor Series Podcast as Kat tells Rob where she’s taking the Movement, the flashpoint where it all started and what you can do if you see injustice in the world.

The Drum

‘I saw something the world was ready for’: Exceptional Women Out West podcast featuring Kat Gordon, founder, 3% Conference, dedicated to championing creative female talent and leadership.


Once Kat realized what was happening to female creatives from inside the ad-world, she connected with key players to trailblaze a movement to take the % of women in creative advertising beyond 3%.

The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry

Diversity in leadership is not only good for culture, it’s good for business. On today’s show, Kat Gordon, the founder of the 3% Movement, shares insights into how the movement began and how leaders of organizations can build more diversity into their teams to help them better serve their clients.

Advocating Social Change and Creative Thinking on Movidiam

We spoke to Founder of the 3% Conference, Kat Gordon about the awareness of culture in a corporation or agency, the future landscape for agency assessment and how we are changing the way we perceive content.

Creatively Speaking

We sit down with Kat Gordon, an expert on marketing to women and founder of the 3 Percent Conference, a movement advocating for female creative leadership in advertising.

  • The New York Times
    "The conference, now known as the 3% Movement, has continued to put an unflinching spotlight on the power dynamics that shape the ad industry."
    The New York Times
  • Cynthia Nimmo
    "Our conference surveys are in and people loved Kat's discussion. A majority rated the conference the highest score, and Kat was certainly a part of creating the energetic and passionate vibe in the room."
    Cynthia Nimmo
    Women's Funding Network
  • Cathy Campbell
    "Kat is an inspiration, both on stage and in person. Articulate, informed and charismatic, she has not only passion for her subject matter, but data to support her positions. She can deliver a well-rehearsed and sophisticated case study, a lively guest perspective on a panel, a thoughtful one-on-one chat, or an extemporaneous riff on gender diversity, creativity, marketing and their impact on business. Hire Kat to speak and I guarantee she will bring the house down, in more ways than one."
    Cathy Campbell
    Creative Director 
  • Mike Mazza
    "If you want to light up a room, if you want someone to deliver energy and fresh insights, if you want people to talk about a subject long after your show, then ask Kat Gordon to be your Keynote Speaker. She rocked the Salesforce Design Leadership Conference. Thank you, Kat!"
    Mike Mazza
  • Julie Gordon White
    "Kat is a fantastic speaker! Not only is her expertise very evident, her delivery is truly engaging. Kat has the rare gift of speaking with assurance while simultaneously creating connection, making her a favorite with our attendees. In fact, I have already asked her to speak again at future conferences."
    Julie Gordon White
    SYMPOSIA Conference for Women Entrepreneurs

Kat has been invited to keynote, speak or moderate on the subject of creativity at many conferences, including:

  • TEDx
  • Cannes
  • Creative Week
  • AdColor
  • Advertising Week
  • The Haas School of Business
  • Techweek
  • The 140 Conference
  • Duke University
  • Hult International Business School
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Sample Talks:

  • Homogeneity: the Enemy of Creativity
  • The World Needs Change Agents: How to Be One
  • Tune Out the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee in Your Head